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Destination: Mount Madison and Mount Adams
Trails (hilighted in blue): Valley Way to Madison Hut. Osgood Trail (not sure) to Mt Madison. Gulfside Trail to Mt Adams.

Leaders: Ed and Jim. Participants: Jeff, John, Kent and me.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. I left home slightly after 5 AM arrived @ the trailhead 10 min before 8 AM. While driving down route 115, there was a SUV flashing its headlight toward me, being raised in the city where that could mean "Wanna buy drugs?" I ignored the signal and continued zipping down the road.

As I arrived at the trail head, Jim, John and Jeff all mentioned that they saw mooses on route 115 and 3, then I realized the SUV probably was trying to signal me to slow down for the mooses. Wow, I was obsolutely clueless. There was probably a flock of mooses dancing along the road and I didn't notice.

The forecast for Gorham was 52 F, sunny but windy. We started the hike at 8:26 AM