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This week's plan was to hike Marshall and backpacking the Seward Range, and then head back to Barnes Field to meet up with Kim for the Twins-Garfield traverse.

Unfortunately, I've been battling a cold since the weekend, my condition wasn't getting any better by Tuesday. Since I've already bailed the Seward Range and Marshall multiple times, I wasn't gonna let a little running nose and watery eyes stop me from bagging these peaks. So as plan, I loaded up my gears and gallons of water and OJ into my car and head to ADK. I slept in my car parked along South Meadows road and drove up to the Loj in the morning. The plan was to hike in via the Indian Pass to Cold Brook Trail and take the Cold Brook HP up to Marshall; descent via Herbert Brook HP and loop out via the Avalanche lake back to the Loj.

The hike in to Rocky Falls was easy, the workout actually helped clear up my sinus and I was feeling better than I expected.