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Alright! Another trip to the ADK. Terri emailed about an ADK winter weekend gathering and a hike in the Lower Range. I signed up without any hesitation. As the weekend approached, Terri cancelled her trip and I ended up taking her space and share a room with Ed, Jay and Al. This would be the first time I met Ed and Al, what a pleasure.

The first time I visited ADK, I took the long and easy way, I-95 via I-90 to I-87. This time around I decided to try other routes, the google choice was the one shown on the left, and it would be my choice for my 2nd visit. In general it wasn't a bad route but do prepare to drive through part of the Green Mountain, thus curvy and hilly mountain routes, I would recommend against it in the winter. However once you drove through the moutain region into the flat country landscape just before crossing the bridge over to New York State, the views was absolutely rewarding.